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I have the desire to surround myself with nothing but beauty.
Which is why I am a maker....
I just love cookin up random pretty things, buying and collecting beautiful things, and 
talking to beautiful people...
So I hopped over to Paper Fashion for my morning dose of yesness in illustration form...
Katie is a dream maker. Little specs of glitter float over water colored tulle skirts, rosy cheeks, umbrellas blow in the wind. Simply perfect is what they are. 
So I am creating my workspace in our morsel apartment and I am trying hard to do it right 
without loving it too much because I know it is going to be temporary and because there isn't much room for too much. Wall fancy is my focus. Another factor is that is in our bedroom...in a corner. 
so it can't be to overwhelmingly "workish".
(s/o to the hubs for his patience...im hauling crap in and out and he hasn't blown up once!) 
I just purchased this print to add to my wall above my desk 
(soon to be an awesome work table that I scored!! Can't wait to share it)

What are some of your favorite print shops for making your home a dwelling?

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