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Have you seen these amazing pillows!! 
I literally gasped when I saw these... and I happened to be in a meeting. 
(the beauty of being able to be on Pinterest during meetings, because it's expected)
They are brightly colored organic cotton & wool Kisshions by Room39. 

Granted I am always magnetically drawn to hot pink, but when you 
add gold in the smartest and simplest of ways
a simple "throw" pillow gets elevated to a
"place it down ever so carefully" pillow.
See the distinction?
My next mission is trying to convince hub of why this these 
belong in my life... Wish me luck! ---Kel


  1. These are great! I just found your blog via SBS and followed with GFC! :) Nice to meet you! - Tiffany

    1. Nice to meet you also Tiffany!! Thanks for stopping by!