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Go ahead...
I dare you to pick a favorite.
I'm waaaaaiting!
This is impossible, non?
How ridiculously fun are these knits!?
There are times when I see something and say
'Oh, cute.' And there are other times
when my heart beats faster and my eyes blur and I release a 
squeak from being bombarded with so much yesness all at once. 
Do you see what I see here? The yesness I speak of?
helps make this season fun. Of course now is the hour to
get out that dose of androgyny in the oxblood, military greens, and black. 
But hell, get back in to the groove of color and allow your
clothes to do the dancing for you. 
(esp. if your setting that features suits, grey walls and white noise)  
And why not wear a pom pom after the age of 12? 
I am having the hardest time picking one....
Which one would you choose?


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