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My cupboards are sad.
No seriously, they whine in the middle of the night
because there is no party going on in there.
I have a few dishes were pasted down, some thrifted finds and some from 
Anthopologie, which is closest to my everyday aesthetic...
random, fun, with a nod to vintage.
But lately I have been wanting a cleaner look. 
This feeling slightly freaks me out, because it means my taste 
is changing, yet again and that probably means I'm getting older. 
Pardon me as I weep silently to myself. 
But it won't be for long because if getting older means you get to 
refine your visual palette then I guess that is all right---if it beats to the tune of 
I stumbled upon this bea-u-ti-ful set on Pinterest and new immediately
that I needed this in my life. The crispness of the white is so unbelieveably
breathable. And the gold. Oh the gold. It's not just the electroplating that 
makes my heart pound but the less than serious content is what makes
it utter perfection. Who doesn't like a dose of humor during your morning 
cup of tea? I know for a fact the Lip Tease mug would make any Monday easier to bear. 
There are a ton more pretties over here. Definitely take a look see.--Kel

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