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I have been waiting to do this post!!
So, I got a lot of coos when I posted and wore 
my side fishtail braid a few weeks ago. 
One, I didn't realize how much my hair has grown to even 
be able to achieve this style (finally!!!)
Two, I haven't relaxed my hair, but I did 
treat myself to a straighten
with my flatiron.
And since my hair was in a rare & manageable state, 
I figured I would try a fun look.
Let's walk through the super simple steps 
shall we.....

*I will be referring to your left & right side from your perspective.*

1. Start with your hair pulled into a thin or latex hair elastic. I used these by Goody. 
2. Separate your ponytail into 2 equal sections. 
3. Starting with the right side outer strands, gather a small portion of hair.
Keep the 2 equal sections separated. 
4. Carry the small portion of hair over to the inner left side.
5. Keeping the 2 sections separate, collect another small portion 
of hair from the outer left strands.
6. Bring this piece of hair over to the inner right side.
7. Repeat steps 3-6 until you have reached the end of your ponytail. 
You should begin to see the fishtail pattern form. 
8. Once you have completed braid, secure it with a mini latex elastic. 
9. Carefully loosen the braid by lightly pulling the sides. 
10. You can cut your top elastic out or leave it in. I have a lot of weird layers, so I kept mine
in to keep the braid secure, but the choice is yours.

Et Voila! 
A super simple way to take your blah hair and make it something special.
For more simple do's check out this style and this one! --Kel

*NOTE: I started with a baby fishtail braid in the front. 
Just follow the steps above to achieve the 
same look. 
*All Photos by Kel C.L.

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