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So last week I told you about my talented friends creating bridal bliss. 
In that post I referenced Ms. Ginny, another dear friend of mine from SCAD. 
Well, Ginny is a "maker", stylist, beautifier, & lover of love extraordinare! 
If you haven't seen the magic she has created, 
just google her name and begin scrolling.  The lady is brilliant. 
She also styled my Gap Styld.by shoot and this one too! 
Well, this week if you are up for a pit stop to smell the roses (or rananculus)  
and a little meet and greet, Ginny and Amy
 (as in AmyOsaba---floral genius and master!!!!!)
will be at West Elm Atlantic Station servin up the doses of lovely!!!

If you are looking for some inspiration for your Spring/Summer nuptials,
this would be a great place to start and maybe even meet your future 
event and floral stylists. (elbow nudge and a wink)
I'll be there taking it all in too and would love to see new faces. 
If your planning on being there, hit me up on twitter. 

Happy Monday Beauts!!!!

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