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 discovered here
 Just wanted to send a few hand hugs and air kisses to the 
people that shouted out for me an some that
 are making me toe tap.....
because it is the proper thing to do. 
It's Friday...Do what the image above says.
I'm lusting hard for a few things. check out my wishlist.
 (hub, if your reading this, I've been very good lately wink wink)

My new jam!! total shopping anthem for us thrifties!!! Check out these at work
playlists. They won't disappoint.

The Etsy community is always so sweet to my shoppe. 
This soft treasury is dream and feeding into 
my longing for Spring itch!

If you like it then you should put a bow on it.... 
yup it's over used and played, but I said it anyhow!
Thanks to Pearls & Scissors for the love.

If you love a great bit of quote prints you might want to take a pit stop over here

I plan on making these wings with sauce for the big game on Sunday

Shout out and thanks to Atlanta Style Blueprint for including 
(r-ki-tekt) in the Fashionable Atlantans on Etsy. 

Holy America!!! You totally have to try this!!!

This is what's on my desktop this week. (yeah I usually change it weekly)

Have you hugged a blogger today?

She is turning 5 and I'm officially in a glass case of emotion. 
She's my be-bop, mirror, tickle bot and more. 
Can't believe I was blessed enough to have her as my mini.

Cheers to the weekend you all!
Be safe. Be merry! 

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