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1. started eating a bit healthier, but then got side tracked
2. been working on an order that I can't wait to tell you all about. 
We're going over the border!!
3. Finally saw Season 1. I'm changing my cable package just so 
I can catch/keep up with Season 2. 
4. Went to the grocery store on a whim and ran into an awesome
75% off sale. i scooped up the cutest remnants. It was clear another
cute gal had been there to gather up much of the goods. I only paid
$14 for all of this. (3 mascara's SCORE!!)
5. I've been rockin my booties more than I should for a busy work week. 
6. Finally organized my closet. By color of course

You can find all of my random frolicking over on instagram.
sorry, but i'm not apart of the vine posse. I'm an android user. 
but when it launches....please believe, you will have a 
chance to hear the nonsensical musings as 
opposed to just reading them. Can't wait!!! 


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