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  You guys have more than likely heard of Scoutmob
You may have even shopped their site for your dose of 
interesting and unique works.
Just in case you haven't heard of it, it is a fantastic hub for gathering and
 celebrating local artists in several cities, in one space on-line,
I myself am a huge fan of the platform and have decided to 
join in on the fun and highlight a
couple of artist that have surely caught my eye.

First up is, Khristian A. Howell, stationary artist. 
You're not foreign to my lusting for color overdoses, 
so it may be quite clear why I am head over heels for her
work. And considering that I am starting a new
a few paper-based lovelies are a great way to refresh my desk and 
spread the bursts of color love around to my favorites that 
I have met along the way. I mean 
who doesn't love a new journal or card to bring life
to your space. 

So to get you guys in the celebrating mood, I have a little treat for you! 
Scoutmob is offering my readers a lovely discount
for reading and shopping with them. 
Take a scroll stroll via the link to your left and use discount code
ATD13 at checkout.
Stay tuned for more interesting bits from Scoutmob

Cheers & Bisous!! --Kel

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