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 Oh... Beth Hoeckel
totally and utterly fits the bill for the walls 
of my future/imaginary home.

You know... the one with bright white walls, a constant 'golden hour'
pouring through every pore...
I can close my eyes and
 see them clustered with all my other random 
art findings and thrifted trinkets.
Perched perfectly over my MCM seating
sprinkled with the right amount of pattexlor pillows.
It all looks so perfect behind my eyelids.

This Balitmore based artist has a way with mixed media that
makes me hungrily stare at my stack of Vogues and Frankie's
with the urge to recreate something similar.
Only I am fully aware of my strengths and weaknesses 
and will leave it to the magician with the touch to 
spread the love. 

Please answer the cry of your thirsty, bland walls and take a visit her online 

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