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Happy Monday Loves!

I hope you had yourselves a fantastic weekend. 
For me, it was pretty busy. 
I celebrated my 4th niece's 1st birthday with my family. 
Family time is usually the meat of my weekend time.  Work squeezes itself in there
too. Filling orders, creating newness, and (trying to) clean the mess I've made during the week.
 I have a couple of new pieces making there way into the shoppe this week. 
Including this one. Thanks for all of your sweet words about it. 
I've actually been sitting on this for a while, but I was a little apprehensive about pushing it out 
because it is entering another category. But, taking a jump is part of this 
whole "make your business work" thingy!
Speaking of growth, help me get to 300 likes on the (r-ki-tekt) Facebook page and 
we'll celebrate with a lovely 30% off anything in shoppe discount. 

Stay posted throughout the week for updates. 
And go on ahead and make today magical, aye!

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