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It's mid-summer and it's time to go out. 
 Southern Blog Society (Atlanta) is hosting a blogger meet up
next Tuesday so I figured in the spirit of it all, 
I 'd put together a few outfits that would be appropriate for your next 
blogger meet up.

Tons of style bloggers take the opportunity to meet their readers
in an affiliate store.  Those are usually pretty casual if it's hosted during the 
day. You're most likely going to be doing some shopping, along with 
photo-ing looks and exchanging info, so being comfortably chic is recommended

Ok, who doesn't love brunch? 
You get to take the morning to prep with rushing, it won't be sweltering outside
and there is a short stack of pancakes at the end of it all. 
(or fruit bowls for all you healthy eaters)
Keeping the palette feminine and fresh with simple elements is ideal. 
I tend to not carry a huge fussy bag when I attend brunches, but a card holder like the 
one shown above.  A sprinkling on a few bits of shine never hurts either. 

Ahhh, I look at blogger's night out with a bit of nostalgia. 
Being pregnant is bit of a "whomp-whomp" on my nocturnal 
social life. But really all one needs to remember is too keep it festive. 
Neutral shimmer is an easy go to should you come up dry on ideas. 
And a complementary shoe pop is always essential for those gratuitous pics of 
your stems. 

I hope this helps and acts as a good jumping off point for some of you
new bloggers looking to meetup this season! Remember to bring your most important accessory: your smile and awesome persona. Leave the diva-ness at home.
 I can't wait to see some of you next Tuesday at Bevello!!

Have a happy weekend!!---Kel


  1. I love the outfit ideas, especially the ombre brucheon dress! Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

    Caroline in the City

  2. It was such a pleasure chatting with you Tuesday. You looked absolutely cute in your dress!