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Lately I have been giving Summer the stink eye. 
Mainly because we didn't really have much of one here in Atlanta
 due to the amount of rain we've seen. 
It makes me think Spring just stuck around for the after-after-after party. 
Also, that crisp autumn chill has arrived in the morning hours. 
So, I've decided to help Summer pack her crap and rainy days and 
fluff out the welcome mat for fall. 
It's my favorite season, largely in part to the fact that my birthday is in the fall, 
but because it's so ridiculously beautiful and layering is my "thing". 
I love having a sweater or scarf wrapped snugly around me. 
I feel a little incomplete without one or the other.
Madewell's fall additions didn't help summer's case one bit. 
I mean, how necessary is their Bien Fait pullover??? Very, I must say. 
Yeah the skimmers and flouncy dresses are great, but gimme a pullover and 
a bag with the looks of a strong drink after a long day.
Do Tell! What shops have you geared up for the seasonal shifts?---Kel

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