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Hey Guys! 
So in my last post, I mentioned a few ways you could use
your cake/pie stands in a variety of ways. 
I left one out
(silly me) 

It seems I can also use it to announce that...

Yup! I've got a mini man growing inside of me. 
How am I feeling? Great. A little icky and fatigued but
I am toughing it out. 
I'm 6 months along now and totally not prepared. 
My bestfriend gave me a ton of clothes that her mini dude has grown out
of. That's about the extent of my preparations thus far. 
I'm working on "making space" for now. 
but haven't purchased any huge items yet. 
Thanks for bearing with me through this "slow" period. 
I hope you all have a fantastic Monday, despite it being Monday. 

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