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Hi guys! I hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day.
We didn't do anything too intense. 
On Monday, we took Chloe to the Imagine It Children's Museum 
and it was great gloomy day fun.
Other than that, we enjoyed some of Atlanta's finest grub from 
The Varsity. Yeah, probably not the healthiest choice, but nugget 
and I were in heaven. 

The other day I ventured across town and bumped into some
great building art.  I live in north Atlanta where everything is fairly "clean" and...beige.
The Suburbs (dun dun duuuunn)
So whenever I stumble upon murals my soul lights up and I 
get into tourist mode and snap tons of photos.
Aside from rollin with my main homie, I have been listening more to the mini homie 
sprouting in my belly.  i noticed how poorly I ate the past week and went on a 
total spree (well, $50 worth, which can't get you far at Fresh Market) 
and cleaned up my act a bit with fresh fruits and organic randomness
that'll make me feel better when I binge eat.
Any who, I hope you guys are enjoying your Wednesday that feels a bit 
like a Tuesday. (toe touch for short weeks)
Keep up with me and our random shenanigans over here.---Kel

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