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Happy Friday Babes and Beaus!!
So today has been pretty chill thus far. 
I am wrapping up some loose bits before the weekend. 
The loosest bolt: Me
I went for a mani/pedi early this morning and had an epiphany. 
It was great to take care of myself. 
If you know me, you know that I am frugal and am a DIY type of chick with everything. 
Beauty needs included. 
It has been almost a full year since I "pampered" myself. 
Since being pregnant and not being able to reach my feet as easily, 
I figured I would make this more of a priority. 
Even though my husband never says anything about my "relaxed" look
I am sure that he will appreciate some pretty feet to look at while I
loaf around. 
Do you ever get into a funk and forget to maintain? What do you 
guys do to keep your inner chick alive and well?

I hope you have a magical and happy Friday. 
Plan something great to make yourself feel 
renewed and amazing over the weekend. 

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