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This post was long over due. 
Fashion Week has arrived and I am here waistline-less dreaming
 about what I would wear if I were to ever grace the city 
during its' gilded hours. 
Thinking of all the style/girl crushes I would hope to bump into, or
share a cab with while chatting about the days and nights itinerary.
One person comes to mind when I think of documenting all the 
lovely that will be taking place. 
Tamu McPherson of All The Pretty Birds
I can't express just how much of an inspiration Tamu has been to 
the blogging world for me.
Aside from the obvious risks and leaps she takes that 
no one else dare to make from a stylistic perspective. 
She. Is. Poised.
I discovered that she is also from my home-home town of Nyack, NY.
I freaked out a bit, because if you are familiar with Nyack, you know 
it is indeed a morsel in comparison to it's surrounding cities. 
Another coincidence is that she has a son, who's name
is Pierrot, the name of my late Grandfather. 
I love witnessing the rise of the passionately working mother that
 excels in their field. 
Especially, when it is artistically driven.
I'm always amazed at the shot of her twisted and determined legs anchoring her
great style shots.
Her dare to give the fashion industry her all editorially, yet still remain so 
tangible and un-phased by what could easily jade her, makes her
a beacon and much more than a style crush.

I hope you all enjoy the out pouring of yesness that will 
soon dance across your screens.
Cheers to another lovely NYFW!---Kel

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