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"Growth demands the temporary surrender of security"

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. 
This is a pretty busy week for me...which I never mind. 
Many-o-orders to fill, emails to draft, fall newbies to pitch out which I 
hope stick... and thankfully time with my bestests to do brunch. 
It has been 6 months since I have been "emancipated" from my job. 
This is kind of a milestone, because I and we have seemed to make this work. 
It is definitely a learning curve being a "work from home" mom, but 
I can honestly say I love that I am not dreading a single day out of the week. 
I remember loathing Sunday's because it meant Monday was following it. 
Then being in zombie mode until Friday arrived. Now all my days matter in 
different ways and are far from monotonous. Doing what I love during the
week and diligently sowing this seed has taught me so much about myself 
and my priorities in both work and life.  
Yes, I am totally missing my consistent paycheck. 
No, I don't wish an abrupt transition on anyone, 
but I am a total advocate for happily living life now and within your means
to obtain happiness.
I am beyond grateful for the turn my life has taken.
Most people are shocked by my delight, but if you only knew how 
grey I was inside, you would dance around with me.
I am so thankful that I am able to be home during this pregnancy for one.
My previous pregnancy was unsuccessful. And while I can pin point what caused
the miscarriage, I can totally say that I was stressed beyond belief at that point
and I knew things had to change. 
Also being available for Chloe is beyond amazing. She actually gets to 
see me and get to know me. Before it was all a blur in the morning and after school.
And I am coming to learn who she is and why. 
I treasure that. 
And as a wife...I feel like a wife. 
I am so much more attentive and emotionally stable. 
I can't say that I have become a whiz in the kitchen, because 
being pregnant sorta sucked the gusto out of me and I have no
desire to stand on my feet creating dishes. Maybe afterwards. 
But when I have cooked it's been the jam.
I have always looked forward to being an involved member of my family.
Being a mother to my children and wife to my husband 
and being a creative figure/business woman for myself. 
I am finally able to see that take form. It is a slow process 
indeed, but I think the pace is perfect for this point in my life
and will adjust as my life does. As long as I keep focused on what is 
the most important and don't lose sight of it.
I hope that regardless of the where your Monday takes place, you are able to 
transform it into the Monday that you would love for it to be. 
Take the risks. Don't worry about uh-oh's and rejoice in the milestones, 
even the ones that are a little covered in mud.


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