Pin It Now!

I am extremely humbled by this post. 
By the people that have ventured over to my shoppe
just to look...to shop...to favorite...to pin.
It has been an up hill ride for sure...
and there are tons more hills to climb, but I am totally 
enjoying it the entire way. 
So Thank You to all of the brides that have allowed me to pull there
color story board together with a cinch. All you school girls
looking for a bit of lovely for your formals. Those that are in the awkward
bangs-grow-out phase that clip your fly-aways back with something 
a little bit more fun than a black bobbi. 
To the shoppes that have taken me in. 
To the bloggers that have included pieces in their style posts. 
Thank you. 

Cheers to you all!!--Kel

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