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What a beautiful subject to capture.
 As an avid people watcher I love the idea of actually 
getting a chance to interact with these "characters" as I call them, 
in real live. Lately, I have been very gung-ho on meeting strangers. 
In a safe setting of course. 
It's mainly been at the grocery markets. I've met 
2 elderly men. Both happen to be in their mid 70s
One from Pakistan. The other from Iran.
And even more strangely they both asked to race me to my car. 
Maybe it's a common joke for waddling pregnant women. 
I obliged with a slight scoot. They both beat me terribly and proceeded two 
indulge me in their long career history while loading my bags. 
It was sincere and uninhibited. They had the kindest eyes and sweet pats
on the back as they departed while wishing me well with my future baby.
In essence, maybe turning your nose up at the gentleman next to you 
on the bus is the wrong approach. We've placed ourselves in such a bubble
that we are missing opportunities to actually spread joy outside of our typical circles. 
So, here's a double-dog dare for ya! 
Go somewhere. Anywhere. Say "hello" to a stranger and follow that up with a
"how's life treating you these days?" Now their response may not 
be receptive to your random act of kindness and curiosity, 
because the shell of their bubble is thick too, but it's ok. 
Your branch was extended and growth was made.
Hope this leads you to an inspiring story, kind eyes and well wishes.--Kel

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