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Now this is rare, non?
I have never done a haul. 
Mainly because I have always imagined a gloating tune of
nah-nah-na-na-naah in the background in each. 
But this is more as a heads up haul than a brag.
And perfect if you are looking for a couple of items to
help you round out your office supplies for the New Year. 

And of course it is from Mecca
or as some like to call it--Target. 
And its all from the dollar bins. 
If you follow me on twitter, you have probably caught my 
whisperings of sweet nothings to Target for their amazing 
offering and perfect designs from Kid wear to home to notebooks. 
They really hit the nail on the head Every. Single. Time!

Talk about Color & Print Fest!!  
I am having a love affair with Chartreuse so I am glad
to see it spread through out and get it's proper credit for being 
awesome throughout this mini collection. 
And this tray! Totally reminds me of these
Except for the price, right. 
(I let out a sly giggle when I purchased them.)

I am not sure how long this floor set will last. 
I went a week or so before Christmas. 
But if your having even the tiniest swoon sesh right now
I suggest you head over and rummage those bins immediately. 
Thank me later!--Kel

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