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So it seems as shellacking one's wall with
 inspiring prints is the name of the game. 
Since the New Year (New You) is rolling around the corner, 
I figured I might provide a source for some "revamp your life and space" goodies.
I am so down for this, as I am one that needs a constant visual 
reminder and que to be my awesome self (insert side eye laced with sarcasm). 
But no, I do like the idea of having mantras and uplifting tags
to get me through the day. Because lately, being covered in 
milky puke is not cutting it. 
I have been swooning over several prints that I have seen pop up on a few 
blogs and throughout my instagram feed and low and behold 
they are all from the same shop. 
by the lovely Stephanie Sterjovski
If you are all about adding a dose of girly and gold, this is 
where you will go click happy. 
How cute is that Donut Worry Be Happy one. 
(mmmm now I'm craving Krispy Kreme...great!) 

Hope you find something sweet and happy for your walls!!--Kel

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